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Triathletes wanting to get stronger or faster, injured wanting to get better. your answer is here!

PowerCranks are a huge tool for cyclists being used by a long list of Olympic and World Champions and helping the more average riders to gain 2-3 mph speed in less than one season. PowerCranks is a huge tool for runners used by track teams and elites and helping more average runners improve dramatically in only a few weeks. Triathletes get the best of both worlds usually seeing both running and cycling improvement.


PowerCranks is the perfect tool for the triathlete serious about improving. Many new users are starting to see running improvements start in about 3 weeks of regular use and seeing 1 min/mile marathon pace improvements in 3-6 months of serious use. And, seeing 2-3 mph bike speed improvement in 6-9 months. Over 25 professional triathletes have won their first Ironman after starting training on PowerCranks. Many Kona age-group record holders are PowerCranks users. Many, many, triathletes attribute their qualifying for Kona on their PowerCranks training.

Watch the cycling and running videos below. Most of these athletes are triathletes and you might notice that many of them are in both videos.

This video features about 50 PowerCranks customers - ranging from newbies to pros - talking about their cycling experience and the gains seen from training with PowerCranks.

This video talks about running technique and what PowerCranks help develop better technique and features champion sprinter Aaron Thigpen, who has been training on PowerCranks.



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