One of the problems in rehabilitating from a lower extremity sports injury are the tools to rehabilitate the athlete are very limited and the athlete is natually trying to continually improve so they can develop compensatory bad habits that make them look better than they really are. So, doing leg presses can increase muscle strength but does nothing to return endurance. Putting the athlete on an ordinary exercise bicycle is supposed to keep the endurance up and can help with maintaining range of motion but if the injured leg hurts or gets tired the strong leg can do all the work and progress on the injured leg can be minimal or slow. This is where PowerCranks stands out.

  • The independent nature of the cranks prevents a strong leg from helping a weak one.

  • The athlete, coach, or therapist can know for sure that the athlete has returned to good balance in their lower extremity before returning to competition. Imbalance makes the athlete more prone to reinjury.

  • Being on a bike allows the athlete to get enough reptitions that endurance can be maintained during rehabilitation such that when returning to competition the athlete will be as good as, if not better than, before.

Sports Rehab

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Injured and needing to rehab but afraid of losing your edge? Your answer is here!

This short video goes over much of what is discussed above with snippets of interviews with coaches, therapists, and athletes emphasizing points.

This 10 minute video is mostly snippets of interviews with coaches, therapists, and athletes about their experience with PowerCranks and injury.