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Runners wanting to get stronger or faster, injured wanting to get better. your answer is here!

Most runners think the only way to get better is to run more. Until PowerCranks that was pretty much true. The problem is the more one runs (and the harder they run) the more likely they are to get injured. Nothing interferes with running well more than an injury. Also, running per se does little to correct form flaws. Unless you are elite most of you reading this probably have pretty horrible running form. Some do drills to work on form but one of the problems with drills is one only does a few repetitions whereas a race consists, sometimes, of thousands of repetitions performed with a rapid turnover even when tired.

Enter PowerCranks, not your ordinary bicycle crank. Talk about knee lift drills, uncoupling the cranks forces the rider to lift each knee about 14 inches each revolution - at a running cadence that is about 5-6,000 an hour. And, it is all non-impact. The coordination also teaches stepping down instead of overstriding. And, because this "drill" is done on a bicycle one can do thousands of repetitions at a running cadence so the runner is improving both form and endurance. Most races are won in the last 10%, not the first 10%. It is important to train good form even when tired.


PowerCranks is the perfect supplement for the serious runner. Many new users are starting to see running improvements start in about 3 weeks of regular use and seeing 1 min/mile marathon pace improvements in 3-6 months of serious use. No wonder they have been the stealth training tool of champion runners (from sprinters to ultramarathoners) and teams for over 15 years.

Here is another video done by champion sprinter Aaron Thigpen, who has been training on PowerCranks for over 10 years, explaining what constitutes a good running form and how PowerCranks facilitate this form.