Other Sports

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Athletes wanting to get stronger or faster, injured wanting to get better. your answer is here!

If your sport depends upon your legs for speed or power you can benefit from training with PowerCranks. The list of users goes on and on and includes:

  • National Football League teams,

  • Major league Baseball teams,

  • a National Rugby Team,

  • Major University Football teams,

  • Major University Basketball teams,

  • Major University Gymnastics teams,

  • Major University Track teams

  • Powerlifters

  • Snowshoers

  • XC skiers

  • Speedskaters

  • Boxers and Fighters

  • Golfers

  • Rowers

The main benefit varies for each of these programs but one of the major ones strengthening the core and ensuring that the athlete is balanced both right/left and fore/aft to reduce the risk of injury. As the coach of a Div I Womans Gymnastics team said: "All of my girls are imbalanced, I use them in the preseason to get them balanced before the season starts." The other major use involves rehabbing the already injured player.



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