Adrian does his first ride on the rollers. It is really hard to stay on the rollers when you are also trying to think about pedaling.

The second video here shows him after a little practice. Is that a look of pure concentration or terror on his face?

Pietro Stocco, a very experienced PowerCranker on the rollers.

Gatdemarmo, his first time on the rollers with the PowerCranks. He is pretty smooth although we can see his left leg is still a little weak compared to his right.

This rider is really good. I believe he is out of Japan. High cadences are really hard on PowerCranks. Here he is doing sustained cadences around 100 rpm, hands free, taking his shirt off, on the rollers.

This rider out of Japan is probably pretty new on the PC's because that right foot is pretty jerky coming through the bottom like its waiting to be helped up but then suddenly remembers. The left has a similar problem but that occurs later in the backstroke. Because both have a problem he never really gets way out of synch. It won't take long for that to correct itself.

Look to the right, this rider is riding the PowerCranks, on rollers, no hands. Give you a goal.



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