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Need to rehab from injury or surgery but it is going slow? Your answer is here!

One of the problems in rehabilitating from a lower extremity surgery or injury are the tools to rehabilitate the legs are very limited. While the demands on someone just wishing to return to an ordinary life are not as severe as those of an athlete sometimes rehab can still fail to get one back to where they would like to be. PowerCranks are terribly effective in rehabilitating all kinds of lower extremity problems but they are best known amongst the serious sports therapists. That doesn't mean that ordinary people cannot benefit from them. We have had customers, not happy with where they have been stuck for years, get PowerCranks, rehab themselves, then get reimbursed from their insurance company because the product solved a chronic problem for them. Once your issue is resolved the cranks can continue to be used as a general conditioning tool like an ordinary exercise bike. The rehab benefits of the PowerCranks over regular rehab tools are summarized below.

  • The independent nature of the cranks prevents a strong leg from helping a weak one.

  • The adjustable crank length feature allows someone with a reduced range of motion to get on the bicycle and increase crank length as range of motion improves.

  • The athlete, coach, or therapist can know for sure that the athlete has returned to good balance in their lower extremity before returning to competition. Imbalance makes the athlete more prone to reinjury.

  • Being on a bike allows the athlete to get enough repetitions that endurance can be maintained during rehabilitation such that when returning to competition the athlete will be as good as, if not better than, before.

This short video goes over much of what is discussed above with snippets of interviews with coaches, therapists, and athletes emphasizing points.

This 10 minute video is mostly snippets of interviews with coaches, therapists, and athletes about their experience with PowerCranks and injury.



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