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About 30  PowerCranks customers (pros and amateurs) describing their first ride on PowerCranks.

PowerCranks first ride videos.

Taylor Seavey with two videos here, the first his first ride then the second after a couple of months. Taylor is hearing impaired so not much talking unless you understand sign language.

Andrew Williams describing his observations that first day. Notice he is huffing and puffing despite saying they weren't as hard as he feared.

Andrew Williams second ride. I think you can already see improvement. Luckily for us most see improvement everytime they get on the bike the first few weeks. If they didn't no one would be able to stay with them.

Pete Hagen's first ride. Done as we suggest outside in a controlled environment. I would say this is pretty typical as to how comfortable new users look those first few minutes. Most can get out of the saddle in about 3 weeks if they want to. Not many do it the first day.

Fliegsf4 posted this first ride video. I think this guys seat is a little low but I don't think that would make this first ride particularly difficult, only make his potential (especially for a triathlete) less than it should be.