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Cyclists wanting to get stronger or faster, injured wanting to get better. your answer is here!

Whatever your current ability, PowerCranks are the most powerful tool available to help you improve your cycling.

While it is possible to improve with just more training alone, the amount of improvement available is limited because of technique flaws ingrained into your pedaling pattern that you learned as a kid (see video below). It turns out that most cyclists have pretty good form from about 1-2 o'clock to about 8-9 o'clock on the pedaling circle but do very little to develop power between 8-9 to that 1-2 o'clock position. That is 40-50% of the pedaling circle that is being underutilized. This problem is not obvious to the cyclist or any observer since your feet will go around in the same circle whether your technique is perfect or awful. Even if you know about your flaws they are almost impossible to change without the help of PowerCranks - Greg LeMond when he first saw PowerCranks said he "spent years learning how to pedal this way and now people can do it in months". You need feedback to change and PowerCranks gives the user feedback, powerful feedback.

PowerCranks force the rider to learn a better, more powerful and efficient, pedaling technique using the entire pedaling circle and all of the muscles in the lower leg. Most models also allow the cyclist to experiment with crank length, an important element if one wants to optimize both power and aerodynamics for optimum time-trialing. Most new users see cycling improvements start in about 6 weeks and see 2-3 mph speed improvements in 6-9 months of serious use. If you can start to develop real power in that underutilized 40-50% of the pedaling stroke is it any wonder than our typical new user sees power increases of about 40% is one season (that 2-3 mph speed improvement)? No wonder they are the stealth training tool world champion cyclists for over 15 years.

Watch this short video that explains why, when we were learning to pedal, we ingrained a pedaling pattern into our nervous system that is not as efficient as it could be and doesn't utilize all the muscles (especially the lifting ones) of the leg. This technique deficiency costs you power, lots of power.