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So Many Options

How to decide? What do we need to know?

One of the problems those interested in getting on PowerCranks has is deciding what is best for them. Different sports have different needs. Different athletes in the various sports have different needs. Many users considering these don't have a clue that bicycle cranks come in different lengths, don't have a clue what their length is, don't have a clue what kind of bottom bracket their bicycle has, and don't have a clue about a myriad of other things we need to know to make sure the cranks will mount on your bike the first try. Below I will discuss some of the options you need to decide upon but we don't want to confuse you. Instead this is to just get you thinking but we expect most of you to contact us to let us help you figure out what is best for you. It is what new customers have been doing for years, just bouncing their ideas off our experience before confirming.

PowerCranks model choices

The PowerCranks model you want. Entry1, Entry5, ProBasic, Prolite. special order. Each one has its best use.

  • Entry1. This model is the simplest, and cheapest, model with a standard 170mm crank length. Price $799.

  • Entry5. This model is similar to the Entry1 but has 5 available crank lengths - 90, 110, 130, 150, 170. This offers the small person to economically ride shorter PowerCranks, allows everyone to economically experiment with crank length in big chunks. This would be best for the small rider, children who will be growing where the cranks can grow with them, and triathletes or time-trialists who need to get as aero as possible without losing power. Price $899.

  • Pro-basic. The pro-basic goes beyond the Entry5 in that it allows adjustment of crank length in 2.5 mm increments between 90 and 175 mm crank length. This has all the benefits of the Entry5 but adds the ability to go to a longer crank (up to 175mm for those who want that) and the ability to fine-tune the optimum crank length in 2.5mm increments for that perfect power/aerodynamic trade-off so important to the triathlete/time-trialist. They also are a little lighter. Price $1199.

  • Pro-Xlite. This crank is identical to the Pro-basic but takes extra weight out of the base of the crank arm for the weight weenies. $1299

  • Special order. For those who need something else. We can and have done a wide variety of special orders for those who need something unusual. Ask.

Dual Mode?

You must choose whether you want dual mode or not. Dual mode offers the option of changing the cranks between normal fixed cranks or independent crank mode with the engagement/disengagement of a locking mechanism. This is important to those who do bike fittings and need to take angles, for those who are afraid of some of the stories of how hard they are and need to be reassured they can do their long rides, and those who only have one bike and want to race on regular cranks or do some training on regular cranks. We try to talk most people out of getting these because training benefit stops when the cranks are locked up but we agree there are good reasons for wanting this option.

Bottom Bracket type

You must choose your bottom bracker type. The bottom bracket is what cyclists call the axle and bearings we mount the crank to. Some of the bottom bracket types commonly seen now include tapered square (this has been around "forever"), Shimano V1 Octalink (there is also V2 Octalink - usually on mountain bikes - which we cannot fit), ISIS (not the terrorists but a standard on some exercise bikes and some other bikes), External bearings, BB30, BB86, BB90, BB92, BBright. There are others. We can adapt to most of these but we need to know what you have so we can send you the right combination. Some of these require extra components and the price can vary from no charge to about $175. 

Material, Composite or aluminum

We offer composite or aluminum spider and end caps. Composite saves weight over aluminum. Aluminum is more conventional and will be more robust if involved in crashes and the like. Otherwise they should offer the same service. Aluminum is a $50 premium.

Gold or Black

Our standard cranks are annodized gold (we are the "gold" standard of trainging tools afterall) but we offer a black annodized upgrade as some of you worry about how gold might clash with your bike or shoes.

Chain ring pattern

Our standard spider is a 5 bolt pattern "one size fits all" spider in that it will work with 110 BCD (compact), 130 BCD, and 135 BCD bolt patterns. We also offer a triple chain ring option. And, if one knows that they will only need the 110 BCD bolt pattern we can cut off the extra for you which will save some weight and make shifting a little more standard. If your bike has a different bolt pattern then you will need to purchase 5 ring bolt pattern chain rings to make your PowerCranks work.

We understand this can be confusing and complicated. Click the button below and Send us your questions and we will contact you and help you out.