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Athletes wanting to get stronger or faster, injured wanting to get better. your answer is here!

The absolute best tool for the serious athlete looking to improve performance or for anyone interested in recovering from lower extremity injury. PowerCranks train the other half of the muscles of the legs while improving coordination important to both running and cycling with zero impact.

PowerCranks improve lower extremity balance and core strength to reduce the risk of injury in the active athlete. Most new users are so imbalanced that the first "ride" on them lasts less than 10 minutes but the tool is so powerful that most are able to do an hour on them in only 1-2 weeks. Runners usually see improvement starting in about 3 weeks and cyclists see it starting in about 6.


PowerCranks - the stealth training tool used by many, many World and Olympic Champions in a wide variety of sports for over 15 years.

Watch the video above then go to the specific pages for more information in your area of interest.

PowerCranks have been used with success by athletes in the following sports: Cycling (Olympic and World Champions), Running (national champions, sprinters to ultra-distance), Football (World Champions), Baseball (World Champions), Rugby (World Champions), Hockey, Judo, Skiing, Swimming, Snowshoeing, Gymnastics, Basketball, Speedskating, Power Lifting, Boxing, MMA Fighting, Rowing, Stair-Climbing. Don't be left behind.